Mesh Bags are made from polypropylene(PP) or polyethylene(PE), suitable for packing fruits and vegetables such as onions, corn, cabbage, peanuts, pecans.

Mesh Bags can also be used for packing firewood, shrimp and shellfish bags as well. 

The sizes and colors of our Mesh Bags could be customized. Top of the Mesh Bags could be with or without tying drawstring. Bottom is single/double folded with stitch.

The mesh allows the packaging products to breathe and get sufficient sunlight. Through the mesh, the packaging products are easy to be seen without bag opening. 

There are 3 types of Mesh Bag for client to choose.

1. PP Leno Mesh Bag/Tubular Mesh Bag

    This is the most popular kind of mesh bag. 

    Leno Mesh Bags are in tubular form with bottom sewn. 

2. PP L-sewn Mesh Bag
    This kind of mesh bag is with L type stitch and could be attached with printed label. 

3. PE Raschel Bag/Knitted Mesh Bag
    Raschel Bags are made from PE materials and could be made with very light bag weights. 
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